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This blog could become An Edge for YOU. Challenging, inspiring stuff compiled for individuals who are taking an active interest in their personal and professional development.

For thinkers, pragmatists, and engaged individuals with personal ambitions, who don’t just want to lead a streamlined life. And especially: for people who look for solutions when they are feeling stuck…


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You may have come to this site because I, or someone you know thought that you might appreciate the resources it offers: content that is designed to be put into practice. You’ll only benefit from it if you give it some thought, otherwise you’ll come away thinking, “so what’s so different?“

If you are pondering some issues in your professional life, or wonder what you can change when you feel stuck, I have a few fresh ideas for you; depending on where you are on the career ladder, on several relevant topics on the way. Ideas that you are probably not working with at the moment… These are no know-it-all articles; I just want to start a little fire in your mind. You then fill in the blanks.

If you are in, or aspiring to, a leadership position, I’d like to invite you to put these thoughts to work for you. On the other hand, if you are not in a management or project management role, and have no team, this may not be so relevant for you.

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This blog is dear to my heart…

I already have a professional website – I help management talents to make it to the next level. My business is coaching future leaders, as well as helping top managers successfully drive their projects. To achieve this, we typically work together for 9-24 months, one-on-one. My clients are with companies like ABB, ATKearney, BakerMcKenzie, BMW, Continental, Danone, KPMG, Merck, PSA, Siemens, and many others.

Given my intensive way of working I can only reach a small group of people. But I have accumulated many tools in 16 years of practice that anyone who wants to make a difference in their career can benefit from at various stages of life – whether they wonder how to make the contribution they desire, how to transform a key relationship, how to stay true to their values, or how to live and work the way they want.

So this is the reason I created this site and the blog: for people whose ambition goes beyond a streamlined career. People who juggle a lot in their lives, yet take time to reflect their own issues. I address those who are interested to look at their part of the equation, and who are thinking hard about how they contribute to their issues, and how they can therefore contribute to the solution. This is not a mainstream ambition… – most people are happy to play “blame games“.

If you think that your current limits aren’t set in stone, and like chewing on good questions, you might enjoy my thought-provoking pointers. Naturally, some things will resonate more than others. And if you don’t like something, that’s ok – nothing fits everyone. I offer glimpses into a different way of working and living that is more sustainable, respectful, and enjoyable. This is my aspiration in my work, and to a lesser degree, also my wish for this website.

There is nothing to buy here. I am sure that many people, just like me, need time to build trust, and don’t wish to be pestered by “special offers“. I think it makes sense to create meaningful input for people who are willing to put a resource to the test, and see if they experience a difference. I believe that helping people who are willing to invest into themselves is not only a worthy endeavour, but also makes business sense: trust grows slowly over time. And coaching is first and foremost a trust-based activity.

Three disclaimers upfront to avoid misunderstandings


Not suitable for quick scanners!

I am not sure you’ll enjoy this site in quick scan mode. Unless you interact with the content on a deep level, you won’t be happy with the result. Even the most entertaining videos require some thought and action on your part.

WORK Sheets

Especially the work sheets require some 30 minutes of your thinking time in order to produce value. As with live coaching, good questions only produce if the answers have the same quality – and that takes time.



Make fair judgments

You are free to browse the materials, and/or ignore any of my suggestions, but then thank you for not claiming that these ideas don’t work. Also, please respect my copyright. So if you want to share something, why don’t share the link to this page?



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