Last week, I reviewed a few newsletters that I had written several years ago. I admit that I had not expected them to seem relevant anymore – after all, we are constantly talking about “Managing in times of COVID”, our “Post-COVID world”, “The New Normal” etc. Well, to my surprise, I found many of my musings more relevant than ever.

Self-management – the prerequisite to managing others – now seems indispensable for a peaceful life. But it isn’t the self-management we think of in “self-improvement” and “personal efficiency” that I am going to talk about – it’s managing that voice in our head that we are in constant exchange with. This is the background noise in which all our thoughts and actions come into being. The one which is the home to both our resources and our limiting beliefs.

I often hear from marketing people that in our frazzled day and age, people don’t take the time to read stuff they actually have to think about. They inform me that, today, people have no attention span. They want easy reading, lots of graphs and pictures, and the promise of instant rewards. I am sure there is some truth to that. But it’s not the whole story.

New insights, attitude changes, or opening up to something unfamiliar don’t just happen by clicking on a „How to… “ or “The 7 best tips and tricks to quickly…”. So as someone who guides people’s successful change strategies, I know a bit about what works – and what doesn’t. Courage and focus, creativity and radical acceptance of what is are a some of the first things that come to mind. And especially: awareness. The beginning of change is never simply an instruction…

So I went down another road and put together a selection of articles that elucidate some worthy approaches and perspectives for everyday use – messages that I believe bear repeating, on our quest for self-directed development, or change, to use this tired word.

The result is not easy reading; one of the reasons I’ve decided to put them together in one collection – called Food for Thought. So this is the aspiration; and the articles in this series have something in common: when they were first published, they generated reactions from people who had me on their radar, and something “struck”: so they got in touch to explore if it made sense to work together; and mostly, it did. So – I’m not changing my style!

Working with me makes sense only if and when the time and conditions are right. If the time isn’t right, I’ll be happy if you find some of the thoughts valuable and inspirational for your life in the year ahead!

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